“Rage” under the “Rainbow”. Article in Bela magazine

The magazine Bela (www.bela.bg) published in the first issue of 2012 article about the workshop “How to do comics?”.

Thanks to Miroslava Ivanova, you can learn about some comix aspects:
review of the “state ot art” in 2011 and the the workshop in the “National School of Arts” Ilia Petrov in Sofia;
1. with Anton Staykov and his devotion to the comics art;
2. with Sibylla and Ivan Koritarevi about “Rage”;
3. Alexander Vuchkov – comix maker and collector;
4. Petar Stanimirov - the composition problems in the comics panel, page, history;
5. Evgeniy Yordanov –  some mistakes in the drawing and compositions of some elements in the comics page. Don’t direct three lines in one point!

Thank you, Mira!

Article about the Bulgarian comix Bela magazine, issue 1, 2012











Interviews with Koritarevi and Vuchkov











Interviews with Petar Stanimirov ans Evgeniy Yordanov