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Asterix in Bulgaria.

Астерикс в България. Социокултурни щрихи. Антон Стайков, докторант в СУ „Климент Охридски”, специалност „Семиотика на рекламата” в Катедра на Юнеско, ФЖМК. Научен ръководител проф. д-р Христо Кафтанджиев staykov@format.bg 0889 256 248 Историята на България след Втората световна война е маркирана от стереотипи, които пречат за популяризирането и развитието на комикса в жанров диапазон, както и [...]

Luben Zidarov’s Magic Mirror

The Text and Illustrations in the Bulgarian children’s books

An illustration in a children’s book really is worth a thousand words, as Napoleon used to say. Is there a future for illustrated books in the age of internet? Horace once said that pictures are poems without words. This is especially true for the children’s fairy-play genre. Merry and sad, light hearted and fearful what [...]

Ivan Totomanov: Everything is translatable.

Ivan Totomanov, photo: Svoboda Tzekova, Sofia, 2012 Ivan Totomanov has been translating from Russian for more than 25 years. He started off as an editor at National Culture Publishing. Since 1990 he has been translating a new wave of authors, whose style and language use are completely different: Vladimir Sorokin, Victor Pelevin, Victor Erofeev and [...]

Nadezdha Radulova: A translation should not resemble a washed window.

Nadezhda Radulova is part of young generation of Bulgarian authors. She writes poetry, edits and translates from English. She is akready known for her translations of Philip Roth (The Human Stain), J. M. Coetzee (Life and Times of Michael K), Jean Rhys (Wide Sargasso Sea) and Jackie Kay (Trumpet). She thinks that the weaker a [...]

Venelin Proikov: Translators are not jealous

Anton Staykov: Do you beleive there is such a thing as a faultless translation? Venelin Proikov: Well, every translation is just a translation, not the original. However, one has to do his best. My mother translated many literaly texts from French, and I remember very well how she took pains to edited her own texts, [...]

Chinese Picture Stories

Picture stories are the most popular reading material in China, and children particularly love them. The term encompasses comic strip in newspapers, comic book for children, and dramatic stories for adult told through pictures and captions. Collecting and exchanging picture stories has become a widely popilar hobby in China: People read the stories during trips, [...]

Largo Winch – 20 years from the first album

Belgian Post authorities issued a special stamp to mark the 20th anniversary of the first album from the Largo Winch series. It comes with a mysterious album “The Marriage of Largo.” But do not worry, as the pilot of Largo said in the last album “Black Sea”: “heroes never marry, have you read comic books [...]

To dream awake. Moebius – Janus of the 9th art.

  Bulgarian magazin LIK, 5/ 2012. Moebius went to a better world. The editors reacted immediately. Thanks’!                                                    

ZEN and Steve Jobs. A brilliant comic story now in Bulgarian.

The publusher Kibea gave Bulgarian readers and fans of comics art an exemplary edition.