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Luben Zidarov’s Magic Mirror

Eros and Tanatos: Nikola Mirchev and his exhibition “From the Boudoir to the mausoleum”

Literary Journal (Literaturen vestnik) published an article about the exhibition “From the Boudoir to the mausoleum” Nikola Mirchev (on his 90th birthday) in “American issue” which was ironic. Previously, Public Culture refusal text “because there is no clear position.”

“Under the Yoke”. French comics of Jasques Narret, drawn from the classic bulgarian novel of Ivan Vazov.

Thanks to Stoian Stoianov from Russe i received an article about a comic version of the classic bulgarian novel of Ivan Vazov “Under the Yoke” The article is published in bulgarian magazine Paraleli, edition of BTA. The interview with Jasques Narret is partly unreadable, so I publish the clear parts. Един французин рисува “Под игото” [...]

Authors ant their originals. Article in LIK magazine

Tnanks to Petia Alexandrova, in the last 2011 issue of the magazine  LIK (Literature, Art, Culture), you can read the article “Authors and their originals”.  The main idea of the article is the definition of the term “original” in the digital era, and you can see some examples from the comix world of Petar Stanimirov [...]

“Rage” under the “Rainbow”. Article in Bela magazine

The magazine Bela (www.bela.bg) published in the first issue of 2012 article about the workshop “How to do comics?”. Thanks to Miroslava Ivanova, you can learn about some comix aspects: review of the “state ot art” in 2011 and the the workshop in the “National School of Arts” Ilia Petrov in Sofia; interviews: 1. with Anton Staykov [...]

The Ninth Art. The “Rainbow” magazine and the Bulgarian comix. Article in On Air magazine

In the magazine Bulgaria On Air – official edition of Bulgarian airlines, you will find my article, dedicated to the bulgarian comics. Overview of the history, interview with Sotir Gelev, famous comix artist and animation maker and producer. There are some photos of artists from the legendary “Daga” (Rainbow) comix magazine from 70-90. http://www.air.bg/uf/BGOnAir_December_Inglight_1.pdf I would [...]

“Как се прави комикс”

3 декември, Художествената гимназия в София. Поканих да споделят своите знания и опит: Александър Въчков Петър Станимиров Евгений Йорданов Те са представители на “реалистичния комикс”, с условностите на това понятие. Трите лекции са първи от цикъл, посветен на основните изразни средства на комикса и на спецификата на комикса в България. В аудиторията бяха ученици от [...]