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Luben Zidarov’s Magic Mirror

A portrait of the Philosopher as a Movie Star

Boyan Manchev, one of Bulgaria’s most popular contemporary thinkers, spoke with Bulgaria On Air (31 / February 2013) about the tasks and the traps of philosophy in the 21st century Text ANTON STAYKOV / Photography SVOBODA TZEKOVA In the minds of most people,  the term “Philosopher” is related to images from the past – from [...]

Ivan Totomanov: Everything is translatable.

Ivan Totomanov, photo: Svoboda Tzekova, Sofia, 2012 Ivan Totomanov has been translating from Russian for more than 25 years. He started off as an editor at National Culture Publishing. Since 1990 he has been translating a new wave of authors, whose style and language use are completely different: Vladimir Sorokin, Victor Pelevin, Victor Erofeev and [...]

Nadezdha Radulova: A translation should not resemble a washed window.

Nadezhda Radulova is part of young generation of Bulgarian authors. She writes poetry, edits and translates from English. She is akready known for her translations of Philip Roth (The Human Stain), J. M. Coetzee (Life and Times of Michael K), Jean Rhys (Wide Sargasso Sea) and Jackie Kay (Trumpet). She thinks that the weaker a [...]

Venelin Proikov: Translators are not jealous

Anton Staykov: Do you beleive there is such a thing as a faultless translation? Venelin Proikov: Well, every translation is just a translation, not the original. However, one has to do his best. My mother translated many literaly texts from French, and I remember very well how she took pains to edited her own texts, [...]

Iglika Vassileva. Great Books reach their translators by themselves

Bulgaria OnAir magazine published a series of my interviews with translators in the issue from 14.05.2012, dedicated to the literature.  Some of the greatest names in English literature are known to us through the translations of Iglika Vassileva – a translator of uncompromising style, expression and melody. The Alexandria Quartet of Lawrence Durrell, az well [...]